Ana Melendez

Nuyorican Thoughts | Transnationalism in Puerto Rican Graphic Design

I wanted to research Puerto Rican graphic design/ers because of a personal desire to find resonance with part of my heritage and values in the field of graphic design. In this thesis, I take the time to share how I see design, justice and advocacy, and identity development through the concept of transnationalism interwoven in Nuyorican graphic design. I was able to visit Hunter College’s Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Taller Boricua, and El Museo del Barrio to investigate the history of the Nuyorican Movement as well as see works made by Nuyorican artists and designers. This process has helped me learn more about my family’s history, grow in my own ethnic identity development, and contribute to the expanding canon of graphic design.

I’m a surface designer who cares about community, peace, and thoughtfulness. I help make surfaces engaging through color, shape, and rhythm. My work aims to reflect the places and people I create for and imbue a feeling of calm, thoughtful activity. I value working together to realize a vision and want collaboration to be an essential part of my creation process.

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