Annette von Brandis

Bridging the Divide:
Fostering inclusion and belonging in the creative classroom and beyond

When educators offer inclusive ways to study design, will student work have greater significance to our communities?

This thesis explores how recognizing our differences and sharing what has shaped us can dissolve the barriers that slow or thwart education. By helping students shed the fear of being different, educators can create common, fertile ground. The case studies presented indicate that the common ground is a safe space, and fostering critical thinking and collaboration can result in faster development of design expertise.

The stage for this thesis is set through the lens of my own childhood experience. I was raised in a divided Germany, where politics and social hierarchies defined personal status. This ignited in me a desire to work with diverse students of all age groups, and to find effective ways to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.

About Annette:
Senior Creative Lead specializing in delivering rich, user-friendly digital experiences. Skilled in conceptual and strategic development. Passionate about education. Typography and design aficionado. Travel enthusiast.
Creative Director | Adjunct Professor | Bilingual (German)

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