Zach Leader

Impermanence | Exploration: A Design Methodology that Embraces Change Through Discovery and Experimentation

Impermanence, the fact that everything is always changing, is omnipresent and unstoppable. The sooner we embrace this and let go of resistance, the sooner we can find a sense of calm about the future and explore the opportunities it presents. The graphic design industry has not been immune to the exponential advancement of technology of the last few decades, and the road ahead looks just as uncertain as it did 30 years ago.

By approaching the latest trends and tools with a sense of curiosity and playfulness, we can explore these opportunities and experiment in a way that enables us to create innovative work and experiences we never thought possible. In addition, with every new groundbreaking technology comes new ethical questions and lessons to learn. What can we learn from our past that might inform us to make better decisions in the future? As designers, how can we approach these new tools and technologies more ethically? In our explorations, we must be mindful of how our design decisions may impact society and ask ourselves how we can be more responsible going forward.

Zach is an Associate Experience Designer at Electronic Arts working on the Madden franchise remotely from Syracuse, NY.

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